The best stirrups for kids

The best stirrups for kids

Did you know that adults and children should not use the same size stirrups? Oftentimes, this is not a subject of discussion. However, stirrups that are too big or too small can pose a safety risk. When children start riding horses, they are still beginners and getting to know the horses. They also are still finding their balance. Thus, it is possible that sooner or later, the child will fall off. This is when all proper safety measures should be in place, such as the right size stirrups for kids.

What kind of stirrups are the best for kids?

Generally, children benefit from safety stirrups that have a reliable release mechanism. Also, it is important that they are the correct size. For instance, peacock stirrups are a wonderful choice for children. They have an easy safety mechanism and they are made for riders that weigh less than 50 kg.

As children are lighter than adults, it is important to understand that safety stirrups made for adults might not release as easily with children. The adult versions are designed to release when a certain amount of weight is applied to the safety mechanism at a certain angle. However, a child might weigh so little that his/her weight might well not release the mechanism.

stirrups for kids

Thus, children should use ones that have a light safety mechanism: for example, rubber bands (see: peacock stirrups).

What is the correct size?

Kids should have an option that are smaller and fit their foot correctly. If a child uses adult sizes, his/her foot has a chance of slipping through the stirrup, which might cause them getting stuck. This is why a child should use an alternative that is specifically designed for children.

Generally, it is recommended that you should have about an inch of room on both sides of your foot when your boot is in the middle of the stirrup. Any more room can be just as dangerous than not having enough of it.

Where can I buy stirrups for kids?

You can easily buy stirrups for kids online or at a local tack store. If you do not know what size stirrups you should get, it might be worth it to visit a tack store to test out different options. However, if you already know what kind of stirrups you should get, you can possibly save some money making your purchase online.

The good thing about visiting a tack store is that you can ask relevant questions from the staff. You will also get a chance to compare different options in person.

Different ones for you and your child

If you and your child ride the same horse or pony, it is understandable that you might use the same tack. However, you should at least have different stirrups that you can switch. As an adult, you will not be able to use stirrups for kids, as they might be so small that you run a risk of getting your foot stuck.

If you need help comparing different stirrups, check out our reviews!

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