On this page, we will look at the most frequently asked questions related to stirrups and safety stirrups. Do you have a question you want an answer to? Comment here or contact us and we will add your question on the list!

Are all the stirrups the same size?

No, they are not. Some are smaller (for children) and some bigger (for adults). Also, depending on the manufacturer, the size of stirrups can vary. Check out our stirrup sizing guide for more information.

Where can I buy stirrups?

You can buy stirrups at your local tack store or online. If you choose to buy them online, remember to check that they offer a possibility to return the product in case you need to exchange it.

What kind of stirrups should I get?

No matter the discipline, you should always have safety stirrups. They ensure that you will not get stuck in your stirrups should you fall off. However, the type of safety stirrups you should get depends on you and your preferences. So, use some time on reading stirrup reviews and comparing possible options.

Are stirrups for kids different from adults’ stirrups?

Yes. Kids should have stirrups that are smaller than adults’ stirrups. If the stirrup is too big, the child’s foot can slide through the stirrup and it creates very dangerous situations. Also, adults should have big enough stirrups that their foot will not get stuck.

What are quick-release stirrups?

Quick-release stirrups, or breakaway stirrups, are safety stirrups that release your foot from the stirrups quickly in case of a fall. You can read more about quick-release stirrups here.

What are magnetic safety stirrups?

Magnetic safety stirrups are stirrups that have a magnet at the bottom of the stirrups, as well as in your boot. There is a magnetic connection between your boot and the stirrup, keeping your foot always on the right spot. These stirrups also have a safety mechanism that will release your foot quickly in case of an accident. You can read more about magnetic safety stirrups here.

Which way do safety stirrups go?

Safety stirrups are set on the saddle so that the safety mechanism is in the front, closer to the horse’s withers. When you pull the stirrups down, the safety mechanism should be on the outside. See the photo below for reference:

Ophena safety stirrups

What are jointed stirrups?

Jointed stirrups have a shock-absorbing ability and they give a rider a more flexible and comfortable ride overall. For instance, many dressage riders and showjumpers prefer jointed stirrups.